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Some Suggestion from A User Who is A Retired Worker

Jing Dianxue / 2011-12-20
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Author: Jing Dianxue     Male     66-year-old     ID Card: 420106194003292011

Phone: 027-68888332

Address: 3rd Floor, 1st Unit, 21st Building, Liedian Block, Baishazhou Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan


I was a retired worker, as well as Bluelight beneficiaries. Over the years with a variety of chronic diseases, very painful. For example: 30 years with mixed hemorrhoids, the monthly incidence several times and could not endure the pain; There are more than five years of kidney stones and fundus volitantes and arteriosclerosis; Four years of prostate disease, urinary small, urine wait, not urine; There are more than three years of knee and cervical bone hyperplasia, action inconvenience two years of sciatica, lift the right leg before when Youkua Lane pain.


Under the condition, has been to select one device to treat these disorders. Listening to the "Voice of the Bluelight health" expert talks on the basis of carrying out a market survey and concluded that the Bluelight nosy instrument is my ideal target to August 25, 2003 the Company bought a digital instrument. I have been in use for two years and six months, the five kinds of cured patients, and external knee and cervical 2 bone hyperplasia, physical health.


Through two years of use, I think Bluelight treatment nosy Design beautiful, perfect quality, efficacy miracle cure reliable, non-toxic, life-long warranty, is true and popular favorite good products.


Some experience on the following:


1. Believe in the divine instrument, the Miracle Treatment

The headman of the Bluelight instrument to sincerely believe that it depended on it, regardless of others Talk on, I believe the magical effect it will cure your disease. The saying goes : accurate, the effect is sincere.


2. Patience can promote efficacy

His body of the chronic diseases, is the cumulative result of, to put it within a few days to cure, is unrealistic. People often say, impatient Really tofu. May not be effective for some time, it is not the equipment issue is the human body caused by the difference, or not find symptomatic of the Point. This situation can not rush to adopt a positive attitude and adjust treatment programs, consulting experts and get their guidance. No problems encountered on the discouragement and patience to go for treatment, we will be successful. I am in the treatment of hemorrhoids improper methods, not show a beneficial effect. I did not lose heart, did not waver, telephone counseling Corporation received a female expert guidance. She told in the original treatment on the basis of plus two points and one is XINSHU, is a lumbar Yu, I have to look at the rule again. I requested, treatment less than a month's time, the solution of the issue more than 30 years of mixed hemorrhoids finally cured.


3. Persist in promoting effect

I use the Foot reflex water electromagnetic therapy, foot foam hands for some time do not feel anything special, but I did not give up, still insist that the bubble again after some time, efficacy were confirmed. A home from work to Hankow, and follow the road for a day, at home, it is not acid legs lumbar pain, very relaxed. Prior to Hankow night came back up and incredibly lumbar acid leg pain, do not want their meals. It was then that I realized that this instrument is Bluelight foam hands of a foot, it makes me physically interesting, enhanced physical. I now also insist foot foam hands, body immunity. Practice has proved that adherence to treatment, we will be able to cure the disease.


4. Innovation can promote efficacy

The treatment of sciatica, I pressed the "health treatment guidelines on the" Point-governance, the rule of nearly a year, there was still Youkua pain. My whole point of the legs, buttocks acupoints are groping governance that are not symptomatic, finally, I put Central jump right groin and a link to do, obviously, the rule of more than 10 days like. So when the machinery used to copy manuals, groping exploratory treatment, can improve the outcome.


The final paragraphs of Part jingle, grateful for this expression:


Bluelight is really good equipment

100 it admitted the disease

Among the illnesses can be admitted

Magic special treatment efficacy

Acute disease governance faster

Not to not use injections


Bluelight is really good equipment

Good quality than never

Strong body from disease

After-sales service is the first

Patients with Bluelight Instrument

Prices of the economic advantages


Bluelight is really good equipment

Chuan Wan magical effect

Home to the country by honor

The world is a place I

This is the medical community standouts

It led similar products


Bluelight is really good equipment

Hubei elite Create Miracles

Thank 200025, General Manager

Patients with heart forever remember

Ray praised Corporation

Bluelight people's well-being

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