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A Letter of Thanks from a Patient

Yu Deming / 2011-12-20
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Author: Yu Deming      Male     58-year-old     ID Card: 422431480809543

Phone: 0724-4066898

Address: Lianxing Village, Jiukou Town, Zhongxiang


For Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus I have heartfelt remark: Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is really good! Its treatment of disease or shot, take medicines, without any drug treatment kits. Effect of concrete, to health, to find Bluelight. Less money, cure diseases, as the majority of the old and new Bluelight users consensus.


I was frail and sickly, and often cold, there are several decades old stomach illness and disease, such as chronic cholecystitis. My 60-year-old wife had suffered from chronic diabetes, the previous year due to cholelithiasis from surgery. Because diabetes reasons, not always wound healing; There are serious omarthritis, arms can not be lifted. Each day eat a lot of drugs, and the medicine more side effects, big. For these patients really worry about the bad, it really God recur, Shimoji scrupulous sense.


The December 2003 day, I really feel being vitality unique, because I passed the "Bluelight health" Voice recognition of the Bluelight, see the hope of treating diseases. Then gradually learned ray extensive user feedback and efficacy information. Decided to buy a Bluelight octagonal treatment device, it first hand experience of the magical effect. Several treatment for my wife, there really a miracle, omarthritis cured, arm pain no longer be free credit; The original long-term healing of the wounds can heal quickly; Sugar also tested to the normal range. My wife is very happy, everyone said : encountered doctor! My husband and Tongzhi in the process, no longer stomach pain; Throughout the year the original flu had not disappeared, a body feel very relaxed and comfortable.


The Bluelight magic answer to all the neighbors, old neighbors are home to understand that experience. And I am eager to serve them, a 10-, 10-100, to more and more people. What impressed me the most is the one leaning on a cane to my house to treat people, to lose twice in the treatment of the cane. He said with emotion: Bluelight is Hua Timeless, superglue. Neighbors, friends and relatives swarm to buy Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus, we all said in unison: "heartfelt gratitude for the Bluelight elderly create such a good high-tech products, is contemporary Bianque, Li. All the world is willing to Bluelight in the elderly care will be able to longevity, enjoy happy life."

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