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Success with 113 Carton fair

shirley / 2013-04-30
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Sincerely invited by the Ministry of Commerce and the city government and assignments,Wuhan wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd will take part in the 113th canton fair, spring edition. Sales manager Ava Wang will lead team.Date: April 15 -19, Booth No.: booth number: 5.1H15
Wuhan WELLSEE is the first large shares of solar photovoltaic enterprise, wellsee company established based "Innovation leader" as its development strategy, and in same industry, wuhan wellsee widely unite sientifice researc units, introduce d world-class technologies and standards and established the product development center and technology research center in advance.
Wuhan Wellsee took the lead in new energy R & D production of solar and wind power and other green energy-saving products officially enterprise, wellsee brand market network throughout the country. As a registered country brand, wellsee products are sold in more than 60 countries except China,the dream of wellsee brand gradually become China's leading integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic industry become true, and poised to be toward becoming a world-class PV companies.taking the conception of innovation, company’s new product “wellsee three -stage charge solar controller and wellsee maglev wind generators ” will be displayed on the exhibition.
WS-SC2430 WS-SC2460 "three-stage charge products” produced by Wuhan Wellsee new energy industry co.,ltd fully operational in domestic and foreign markets to accept the test.of market and customers. This is both a golden opportunity for the development of company is also facing serious challenges. We believe, with the efforts of all staff of the company, the three-stage charge products will be the core competitiveness in the competition of photovoltaic products based on its high-tech content and high-quality product quality. company will be long-term, sustainable development and continuously improve product quality, and quality of service standards, to give back to our customers and society;and aim to "pursuit of excellence and recycling brilliant”
WS-SC2430 WS-SC2460 wellsee solar three-stage controller (called wellsee photovoltaic controller and solar charge-discharge controller ), applies in solar photovoltaic system which coordinates the working of solar panels, batteries and loads. This controller is different from other solar controllers which have unique three -stage charging function to the battery. It can make battery full charge in reality and increase the comprehensive protective function so that the whole solar energy photovoltaic system is high-efficient and safe operation. Wellsee solar three -stage controller has unique feature which is completely different from the ordinary solar controller. Three-stage charging mode is charging strictly accordance with the battery charging characteristic curve.It adopts intelligent three steps charging mode. First stage constant current; Second stage constant voltage and limited current ;Third stage Purling floating.It make the battery full of power.And it has advanced human-machine interactive function that user can adjust charging voltage. Three-stage charge mode is to use constant current charging at the beginning and the end, and to use constant voltage charging in the intermediate stage. When the current is decayed to the set value, it switches from the second stage to the third. This mode can make the outlet minimum so that protect the battery better and really charge the battery fully.
WELLSEE maglev wind generator is divided into vertical and horizontal, we will take WS-WT 300W and WS-WT 400W two models, this two models arethe industry's most advanced designand have stable performance and excellent quality. By checking existing sales data, wellsee permanent magnet wind generators are unique, and has attracted lots of buyers at home and abroad come to consult and negotiate. On the Exhibition, Wuhan Wellsee will also display other quality products, including: wellsee solar controller, lighting controller, MPPT controller, wind/solar hybrid controller, solar inverter,solar inverter with built-in controller,solar panels and car inverters.
Wuhan Wellsee new energy industry co.,ltd has headed the list in each canton fair,previous sessions of the popular site transactions atmosphere, silhouetted against the wellsee brand influence has been recognized by many customers at home and abroad. We believe wuhan wellsee New Energy and Industry co., Ltd. will be another brilliant performance, also take advantage of the platform and opportunity to further improve exports, and attract more foreign agents to invest in green energy products on this 113th Canton Fair in spring.

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