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Wishing WELLSEE the 112th Canton Fair a complete success!

Blue-light / 2012-11-11
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 Friday, 12 October 2012 08:40

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Welcome friends at home and abroad to come to visit the booth on the 112th Canton Fair,2012, Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd is invited to participate in the 112th Canton Fair. Exhibition time: October 15th to 19th, booth No.: 4.1G33, 1st phase. WELLSEE long-term commitment to depth study and application of the solar photovoltaic industry, has now become a business to many countries around the world international green energy manufacturer. Mainly products includes:WELLSEE wind turbines, car inverter, small solar controllers and medium-sized solar charge controller, intelligent solar controller, solar light controller, AC charging inverter,solar charging inverter,soalr charging control inverter, modified square wave inverter, pure sine wave inverters which is more than 50 products. WELLSEE solar controller is totally different from other controllers as it has advanced man-machine interactive function so that users can adjust charging voltage. WS-C4860 solar controller applies to all types of photoelectric panels and batteries, MCU (Micro-Processing Controller) has PMW (Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency) 0~100% variable duty cycle process. WELLSEE solar controller can provide the fast and best charging voltage and electricity from the PV panel according to the types and actual charging situation of the battery. WS-C4860 solar controller is mainly used for home,commercia,districts, factories,transporation,pastoral,communicatioions and solar power systems. Wind energy is the most commercial potential of the use of clean, renewable energy, one of the most dynamic, low cost, inexhaustible. Wind power installed capacity of room for growth, costs fell fast, safe, energy never depletion and other advantages. Wind power can reduce pollutants and carbon emissions generated by fossil fuel power generation. Large-scale promotion of wind power can make a positive contribution to energy conservation. Wind energy resources in the context of growing global energy crisis and environmental crisis, began to receive attention. Provide a broad market space and the prospect of large-scale development of wind power to the wind power equipment manufacturing industry. The windy place often wasteland or mountain building wind farms as well as development of tourism resources. WS-WT 300W and WS-WT 400W wind turbine manufactured by WELLSEE use advanced pneumatic Guoxue design, natural wind to start a high-strength, corrosion-resistant special aluminum alloy materials, the cost is high.Vertical blade design, connection and fastening design one piece, no wind wheel coaster dangerous. Greatly increase the the user safety factor. High-quality high-strength permanent magnet motor, a new generation of non-noise-top design, to reduce vibration generator operation, rod bearing pressure and resonance dangerous. Vibration-proof, ultra-quiet. Adapt to the working environment temperature -50 ℃ ─ 120 ℃, high-standard anti-salt and anti-sand test, after several strong typhoons and wind tunnel testing. Exclusive domestic production 4880 80A WELLSEE solar controller (the intelligent type WELLSEE solar charge and discharge controller solar battery controller) applies in solar photovoltaic systems, which coordinates the working of solar panels, batteries and loads, it is a very important component of the photovoltaic system. It is totally different from other controllers by adding comprehensive protection functions so that the entire system can operate efficiently and safely. WS-C4860 wellsee solar controller has MPPT function, that is Maximum Power Point tracking function, eeature is intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels and let solar panels always work at Maximum Power Point and improve the effiency. WELLSEE has rich industrial resources, excellent location and good policy environment. Adhering to innovation, the concept of excellence, the dream of WELLSEE brand became China's leading integrated photovoltaic industry manufacturer gradually came true, and poised to be toward becoming a world-class PV companies. Faith the innovative requirements, new 80A solar controller and wind turbine has come into market! Past Five years are the most rapid development of China's new energy fields,which wind energy has played a leading role.In the next 5-10 years, the photovoltaic power generation will become a new bright spot in the field of energy. in the near future,solar and wind will become the mainstream alternative to traditional energy varieties because of its inexhaustible, clean, environmentally friendly, non-polluting characteristics.

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