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Manager‘s oration

Blue-light / 2011-12-21
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To be a man in the street is not I pursuing for. If possible, I do have the right to be a distinguished one. I'm always looking for opportunities, but not for stability. I'm unwilling to be such a state-guaranteed citizen that is held in contempt by people around, with thought of which I anguish myself.

That throwing a chest and lifting up my horn with fearlessness, is my instinct. I've the ambition to struggle, to dream, to create, to fail and, to succeed as well. To be a man challenging the life is rather than enjoying the guarateed one; to appreciated the time of success is rather than suffering from the Utopia quietness. In the brave face of the world, what I'd like to do most and worthiest is to share the health, wealth and success with each partner as well as social concern and universal salvation

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