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Tenet of Service

Blue-light / 2011-12-21
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We are always making efforts to provide the best products and services

Set Your Mind at Rest with Our Services Trust in Our Ten Reliable Services


Reliable products with top quality and competitive price;

Reliable and authoritative technology;

Reliable, safe and fast curative effect;

Reliable joint sales in a simple and convenient way;

Reliable remitting and rapid delivery right after receiving payment;

Reliable, rapid and high-efficiency mail orders;

Reliable and lifetime maintenance guarantee;

Reliable and honest cooperation without cheating;

Reliable and proper disposal of complaints;

Reliable and sincere credit.

To Customers:

Experts always on duty

Free treatment

Free mailing

Patient and thoughtful explanation

Free delivery to the doorstep in Wuhan

One year’s free repair and lifetime maintenance for possible unqualified products

Post-sale tracking service

To Regional Distributors:

Free diagnoses from experts

The cloth posters of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus

The tapes of“Voice of Bluelight Health”

CD discs

High-level T-shirts

The pattern of the umbrellas as presents

The newspapers, books and magazines

The CD of the standardized models of the advertisements, lamps and designed patterns in exclusive stores

The model tapes of TV commercials and the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus Monograph

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