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Sharing Health

Shirleyli / 2011-12-21
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The Market Prospect Analysis

Selling Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus will unfold the giant market prospect for you

1. The urgent social demand:

(1)In modern society, people are living with the accelerating pace and worsening atmospheric environment that makes the state of people's health also deteriorate day by day, and it brings all kinds of occupational diseases: cervical spondylosis, hypertension, diabetes, neurasthenia, backache, and the various symptoms of sub-health;

(2)China gradually enters the old age society; the middle and old aged population become more and more in the country. Within the process of aging, there are more and more diseases appearing naturally: rheumatism, hyperosteogeny, numb hands and feet and outworn waist;

(3)Medicine can treat an illness, but also can cause illness. More and more people realize the injury to the human body caused by poisonous side effects of medicine: the agitating "PPA Incident" a few years ago; many people have hurt their own livers and kidneys, spleens and stomachs by taking medicine for a long time. The medicine adverse reactions often appear, and the cases that medicine injures even kills people happens continually; Recently, the astonishing case of the 2nd Pharmacy of Qiqihaer making the fake medicine; To be of abhorrence more, there are many outlaws who trap and harm common people through making and selling fake medicine to them with various tricks but without conscience and regardless of the people's livesa?|a?| And the illegal sellers take the advantage to use the medical apparatus that utilizes medicine and drug bags to lure the urgent patients who would turn to any doctor they can find to fall into the bottomless abyss of long-term expenditure of medicine and drug bags with the use of the tinpot galenical bags that the sellers have made underground, and the tinpot galenical bags can actually have no help to illness. The consumers are continuously seeking a kind of safe, highly effective and green method of treatment, which gets rid of the poisonous side effects of medical treatment and infinite later expense.

(4)With the reform of national medical system and the cancellation of the public health services, going to hospital with normal diseases brings in the heavy economic and spiritual burden to the people. At free time, Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can both treat illness and keep physical fitness; which can both reduce the expense and save time and it is easily accepted that the whole family can enjoy it for a decade with a member buying just one time.

(5)With the improvement of living standard, people's demand for health is becoming increasingly intense, and their consciousness of prevention of diseases and health-preserving also strengthened. The easy operation of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus without any poisonous side effect is the product's characteristic, which just adapts to modern people's pursuit of healthy, natural, environment-protectional fashion so that is the ideal green health-care therapy.

(6).Through continuous development for several years, Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus has obtained the general acceptance and trust from both domestic and overseas Chinese people, and it gradually disseminates to the overseas. It is an obvious evidence for this that many Chinese people who go abroad take it as a gift

2. The big market space:

China is one of the biggest countries with the largest elderly population, and the population is grow

ing fastest in the world. Since the 1980s, the population over the age of 60 keeps annual growth rate of 3% on average. The population was more than 120 million in 1997, and 160 million in 2005 accounting for more than 10% of the total population, which indicated that China had entered the ranks of old age countries. Even more remarkable is that the elderly people over the age of 80 have reached 21 million, with an annual increase rate of 5%. In the middle of the 21st century, the elderly aged over 60 will reach 400 million, which take up 36% of the total elderly population in Asia and about 22.3% of the total elderly population in the world. The scale of the country's elderly population with the fast aging speed and the large number of the elderly population is unprecedented in the history of the development of human population in the world.


According to World Health Organization statistics, about 16 million people die each year worldwide of cardio - cerebral vascular diseases, which accounts for more than 50% of total mortality. In Europe and America and other developed countries, the coronary heart disease mortality on itself surpasses the total mortality that all cancers combined. According to national statistics, it shows that the prevalence, incidence and mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have continued to rise for 30 years in China. They have become the first death cause from the seventh cause in the 1960s. There are about 300 million people died of cardio - cerebral vascular diseases in a year in China, which accounts for about 50% of the total mortality in the population and is slightly lower than industrialized countries. Among them, in Beijing there are 70 in every ten thousand persons suffers from incidence of stroke , ranking first in China international metropolises; the patients with coronary heart disease take up more than 50% of all medical patients in major hospitals. There are 200,000 patients with hypertension in the city, and the patients who often need outpatient or inpatient treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease number in about 50,000. There are about 30,000 people died of cardio - cerebral-vascular disease every year, which ranks the first in all diseases.

All these show that with the accelerating pace of social development and improvement of people's living condition, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, including high cholesterol, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, coronary heart disease, obesity and diabetes, have become a threat to the health and safety of Chinese people's first killer. According to the survey, 80% of adults over the age of 30 are more or less, either heavily or lightly suffering from cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases. And they often attack in a combined way with serious effects on the modern people's life and work, which endangers the health of countless people and their families.

The densest area of wealth in health industry that people put the most importance absolutely lies in the vital diseases in life. And the market prospect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can be imagined, because it is developed to solve this issue. Similarly, "the fourth domestic electrical appliances" for health has become an inevitable trend. Maybe you have missed the microwave oven era, the Internet eraa?|a?| then facing a new wave of trade opportunities which worth a trillion in health industry, do you want to miss again?

The Marketing Channels
1. Seeking distributors to wholesale to local pharmacies and medical instrument stores;
2. Selling on the own counters in local central pharmacies, large department stores and shopping centers:#000000;">3. Delivering to big pharmacies, large department stores and the own counters of medicine & health-care products in shopping centers;
4. Participating in suited trade fairs;
5. Selling directly by salesmen and organized tours to propagandize and sell in blocks (block pharmacies), activity centers for the elderly, beadhouses and houses for the retired leaders;
6. Selling by TV shopping and mail-order (put advertisements on newspapers and magazines);
7. Using Internet to receive on-line orders;
8. Being the welfare materials that institutions and state-owned enterprises provide to senior staff, or the souvenirs that the bureaus of retired leaders in enterprises and committees of retired staff give to the retired staff;
9. Recommending to doctors in clinics and the physiotherapy departments in hospitals for sale;
10. Presenting as prizes and souvenirs through sponsoring the matches and activities just for middle-aged and old people and the host give to them.


The Product Guarantee
In addition to strict checks of the company's quality control system and the strict inspection of the corresponding quality testing department and State Quality Management Section, we only have a speech: Our products promise of Three unconditional Obligations (of returning, changing, repairing) to both of the dealers and customers if they are unqualified.

The Supports from Bluelight
You enter the door of Bluelight, we will be a whole family. The Bluelight Company will give full supports to you.

a??The monopoly in your own region
You can choose a region according to your own conditions, and the Bluelight Company will guarantee your monopoly in your own region with a series of measures. The company will offer you the plan of marketing operation with a full range of information according to your local market conditions.

a??The free training
The company will provide regular free training to dealers. The company employs experts, professors and marketing lecturers to give the training of specialized treatment and marketing.

a??The professionals sent by the company
The company will establish marketing branches in many places in China and send a lot of experienced professionals to instruct and assist the dealers to operate.

a??The brand support
The company will put on advertisements through many broadcasting stations and television stations, which provides the Bluelight brand support to the dealers in each place.

a??The government support
The Bluelight industry is a green industry whose development is strongly supported by the government and people from all walks of life in society; it has provided a powerful guarantee for the development of Bluelight.

Each dealer is an inalienable part of the Bluelight Company, and each dealer's enterprise as well as the company will develop fast with steady steps by continuous development and releases of follow-up products.


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