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Chinese traditional treatment acupoint medical equipment

Doirs Cai / 2011-12-20
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China traditional treatment Acupuncture medical equipment
Medical equipment According to Chinese philosophy, the human body is governed by ‘Chi’ which is continuously circulating along the acupuncture channels. CHI or life energy is one of the most fundamental concepts of Chinese thinking. It is described as a basis of every living and non living entity of ‘Brahmand’ (cosmos), its nearest equivalent in Hindu Philosophy is PRANA.

The CHI consists of two dynamically opposite yet harmonising energies called YIN and YANG. YIN signifies the female and negative energy, while YANG signifies the male and positive energy. In health, YIN and YANG are in perfect balance; any imbalance between the two cause diseases. Through needling, the acupuncturist balances the energies effecting a cure.

The energy or CHI circulating through the entire body regulates the circulation of the blood ingestion and the auto protection of the organism. It also flows along the meridian. The meridians are passages or channels in the body where the vital energy CHI circulates. The acupuncture points are locations where the Channels come to the surface and are easily accessible to needling, moxibustion and pressure.

medical equipment In ancient China, needles fashioned out of bamboo, animal horns and a variety of metals were used. Later silver and gold needles were in vogue. Nowadays the most commonly used needles are made of high tensile stainless steel with handles of silver. Some use steel needles with handles of copper gold or plastic (disposable).

There are several shapes and sizes of needles. Fili-form, press needles, cosmetic needle, triangular needle, hot needle, plum-blossom needle etc.

Fili-form needles (a) : The most commonly used needles come in lengths varying from 0.5 inch to 8 inches and thickness of 26 to 32 gauge. One inch long and 30-gauge thick needles are in maximum use, mainly for body acupuncture.

Fili-form needles with double spiral handles (b) : are used for scalp acupuncture (Head needle -therapy). By and large, they are 11/2″ long and 28-gauge thick.

Hot Needle : (c) A thick 18 gauge needle to treat conditions like ganglion and cystic goiter. It is heated over a lighter or a spirit lamp and suddenly poked in the above named swellings and then bandaged.

Triangular Needle (d) : A thick sharp-edged triangular needle for letting out blood at certain specific regions.

Press (intra-dermal) needles (e) : They are small button shaped needles with a point projecting from the center. In chronic stubborn diseases they are especially implanted in the ear and left in place for a few days with adhesive plaster.

Cosmetic needles (f) : Thin, comma shaped needles for cosmetic problems like wrinkles, pimples, freckles etc.

Plum-Blossom Needle  g) (5-7 star needle) This is a specially designed instrument which has 5-7 needles fixed at equal distances on a plastic head which in turn is attached to a long flexible handle.

medical equipment Glass cups for cupping Therapy
Moxa sticks, ginger, moxa powder for Moxibustion
Acupressure pegs
Lighter, spirit, cotton etc.
Electro stimulator: This apparatus is used to stimulate acupuncture needles with electricity. Various sophisticated models are available through out the world.


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