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Approaching to Bluelight for Lifelong Health

Approaching to Bluelight for L / 2011-12-20
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Author: Ding Deping     Male     43-year-old     ID Card: 422201196305148631


Address: 2nd Group, Daqiao Village, Maochen Town, Xiaogan


I began to suffer from the cervical disease in 2004. I went to Weimingkang pharmacy in Xiaogan to buy a set of intelligent type of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus on the 21st day in April after I had listened to "Voice of Bluelight" lectures. The curative effect was very good. My illness condition was alleviated a lot within half a month, and my illness was almost disappeared a month later. I had insisted on the treatment for another half year, the illness was disappeared completely then.


The most magical in effect is that my urinary stones attacked me acutely at 10 p.m. on March 15, 2006. I felt intolerable swelling and pain and couldn't sit or sleep at ease. So I took the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus right away for treating on the points. I treated on 4 groups of points for 3 minutes each. I began to discharge the stones after 20 minutes, and all the symptoms were disappeared one hour later. I slept until daybreak then. I continued to treat it with the apparatus for 3 days, the remained stones were discharged in sequence. The most cheerful thing is that the last biggest stone has been preserved, which can prove the real truth of Bluelight's achievement!


Bluelight is the light of life, and Bluelight in my home brings health to me. This is the words from my heart. I hope that the people who haven't got rid of illness can go into action quickly to approach to Bluelight for your lifelong health.


Bluelight Eigth-Diagram is a treasure,

It saves money with good and quick effect.

You needn’t to worry with Bluelight,

You would be healthy and happy!

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