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A positive pressure three evil Gets sick like the wiredrawing

Zhang Jinhua / 2011-12-20
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Author: Zhang Jinhua      Male     70-year-old     ID Card: 420124193606017519

Phone: 027-89830445

Address: 10th Group, Wanshan Village, Yangluo Street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan


I am suffering from a number of chronic diseases, everywhere seek care have not seen any effect. In a life-and-death moment, the blue is my people freed from suffering, is a commentary on the blue "Health Star" I am very pleased, especially to express my heartfelt thanks!


Mind : the gloomy enveloped wrangling, doomsday has to only wait for the end, and why? Because of suffering from rheumatic heart disease, lumbar disc extrusion, tinnitus, farsightedness, numb hands, legs cramping, constipation, dizziness, especially prostatitis (mast). After filming inspection, I could not stand this ordeal, 10 years endured by the victims of the untold sufferings. Although the hospital often spend money on the efficacy of 1,000 yuan not really death is a relief.


Think : a sunny blue Hope clever and benefited from all sorts of sources, experts and professors for guidance, rely on tracking service; frail elderly patients, though; size diseases good results. not enter the hospital to get a blue, the health fitness healthy. In short : not a cartoon, Blue is indeed a treasure, people say blue, and whether it Fortunately where? I personally think that it is excellent because it is a golden key to cure all ills, but with less fast. Tangible benefits to the benefit of the people, without the side effects of non-toxic green products leader in science and technology to facilitate security, money can cure illness not to go out.


Since I started in spring 2003 to listen to the "Voice of Blue healthy" lecture, Professor guidance provided, and many of the Advisory. Patient feedback and well but is a one-time benefit from decades of investment. After listening to people Why not? From suspicion to trust inevitably a process. I have taken a lot of detours, spent a lot of money wasted, "health" Voice of inspiration, I in August 2003 to find a store Yangluo Wangjingli on the illness and what he wanted, He warm reception and explained to the Blue principle of medical treatment and functional efficacy trial three days after symptoms do less. Buy equipment, according to the guidance of the Pharaohs doctors and health guidelines for the two methods of treatment. Size of chronic disease rehabilitation, is a positive pressure three evil basic cure various diseases. Even his wife's rheumatoid joint inflammation leading to deformation of mobility, self-care is also difficult to live with good results. then bought a whole family and the neighborhood to use. Rely on the blue, refused to panic; Miracle healer in hand, happy mascot.


My approach is a three do not forget :

First, we must do every day on time and listen to "Blue health" Voice of the talks, seriously understand its own to explore the exact step up treatment.

To achieve two days every Saturday, drink more water activation, and sooner or later reflex therapy will help cure the disease-free fitness, not big day two days off and not wear new shoes to walk the old road.

Achieve three regular advice and feedback, Blue publicity to help others share the blue.


Should not be forgotten, is blue saved me, help me get out of the tortured pain, I should make a contribution to society. help patients around the Blue also enjoy the health and happiness. 


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