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Bluelight Is Our Health Angel

Liu Xiuyun / 2011-12-20
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Author: Liu Xiuyun      Female     71-year-old     ID Card: 420106350413244

Phone: 027-88913683

Address: 1, the 2nd Floor, 25, Fenghuang Village, Wuchang District, Wuhan



I am a 70-year-old person who suffers from systemic diseases, with years of osteoporosis, walking inconvenience, and later had difficulty even get up in my stomach feel there is a hard kind of things stick in the horizontal, where very often unbearable pain; Also suffering from four to five years, hemorrhoids, waist, it is a habit the Chaqi as coughing or sneezing on the more serious. At least half of a pain around; Now, the left foot bone of a long "lipoma," I walk the inconvenience to the elderly frail and sick, it has exacerbated the situation by running the hospital do not know how many times, a Western medicine do not know how much to eat are no effect. Illness caused bedridden, I immersed in the daily suffering, the whole family for my health has not distressed!


One day to listen to the "Radio Yangtze River," "Bluelight Voice," will henceforth day after hearing from uninterrupted. Over time, it became my spiritual pillar and indispensable part of life.


As the nosy treatment of the magical instrument functions and users reflect the good, in my October 2004 bought a Bluelight Eight-Diagram therapy machine. After the purchase, out of all the drugs, the daily insisted early, middle and late for the eight point three physiotherapy, after more than two months, according to the treatment of illness to do, and where it hurts rule where, through a long period of treatment, finally having an effect, has been cured of the habit Chaqi; Beads large ball of lipoma , abdominal pain stems, constipation. Most people feel the magic is suffering from four to five years, to have hemorrhoids cured. Now, I can not only get up, but also slowly to the front of the kitchen to do some simple household chores.


Bluelight got into the door, my condition has improved, and I feel more comfortable, the mental outlook of a lot better, as my condition has miraculously change, the whole family feel pleased to know who said this equipment is really such a good effect, as if aware of such magic on the morning buying, tax spending so much money wasted, lest it by years of suffering!


Since the Bluelight instrument for the treatment of gossip I have magical results, I abducted publicize its magical function. Once I had a toothache daughter-in-law use it twice after the treatment did not hurt, in January 10 this year, my grandson cold fever, we try to use it, the magical! Used only three or four days like the time. One neighbor, Wei Chui America (71 years old) I said let her try, through a course of treatment, her frequent urination, urgent urination cured. Burglars neighbors at home or objects waist injury, she had to do physiotherapy after or two days, they said thank my good, or else has enough pain, I said : "You should thank on the Bluelight instrument either titillation it so many wonderful features, I have no idea!" Cartoon said it's not magic! I can sincerely tell you : it gives us the majority of the patients who brought the Gospel! For the elderly healthy and happy old age! Let me once again on behalf of the whole family is deeply grateful to the Bluelight and voluntary extensive publicity Bluelight Eight-Diagram therapeutic apparatus of the magical effects! So the majority of patients with early resumption of health! Your company and wish more of a new miracle for Bluelight too! Again countless legendary contributions!

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